COVID-19 Retail Comeback Kit: How consumer behavior shifted & why you need to adjust your digital strategy

Consumer behavior continues to evolve, how will your digital strategy adapt? 

It took 60 days for ecommerce usage and adoption accelerated to 2025 projections amid lockdowns. As consumers adapted to digital-first purchasing, brands and retailers scrambled to provide adequate digital commerce functionalities.

This report, "The COVID-19 Consumer"  focuses on the 3 phases of COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior and the acceleration of ecommerce usage as outlined by Gartner.


Download the kit to receive our report on the COVID-19 consumer, and an exclusive checklist on how to embed digital assistants across the customer lifecycle. 
You will also learn:
  • How consumers habits shifted & how businesses reacted
  • What technologies are needed to support post-COVID 19 retail
  • Why implementing omnichannel support and guidance is vital