Webinar On-Demand: Psychologie der Kaufentscheidungen

How Husqvarna leverages digital assistants to expand into the B2C market 

For the average consumer, power tools are complex purchases: from knowing what power sources are best for you to understanding what features provide what benefit. Simply put, it requires guidance to cut through the clutter and find what you need. 
In this customer spotlight, learn from Husqvarna's E-Commerce and Marketing Technology Director, Neil Krogokar, provides insight into the DIY leader's global digital transformation. The brand identified the need for conversational search technology to expand their product usage from professional users to homeowners by providing guidance and assistance to both audiences. 


In this customer spotlight, you'll learn 

■ What steps Husqvarna has taken to expand into DTC and B2C channels in their digital transformation 

■ How conversational search helps position their product lines to non-expert customers 

■ Why a cohesive brand experience means providing customer service and support with access to guided selling solutions