AI Conversational is rewriting the future of manufacturing 

Digital transformation requires evolving the search experience 

When 90% of industrial goods buyers use the internet to search, qualify, evaluate, and select suppliers, businesses must prioritize delivering an exceptional buyer's journey to capture a new generation of buyers. How can manufacturers respond effectively and meet the new expectations of their buyers? Implementing AI Conversational Search is the solution to solving this challenge.  


Download the white paper to find out how manufacturers can capitalize on this opportunity to succeed in their digital transformation and drive more sales than ever before. 
You will also learn:
  • How to upgrade your search experience 
  • Why B2B manufacturers need to think like B2C brands and retailers to grow and capture market-share
  • How brands like 3M, Ingersoll Rand and Husqvarna are improving the digital search experience to help their buyers find what they need quickly and accurately