Webinar On-Demand: Psychologie der Kaufentscheidungen

Bringing personalized beauty consultation online & leveraging powerful data 

Since the 1960s, Philip Kingsley has been known for providing tailored solutions to each client who entered their stores. As they examined their digital commerce experience, they sought to replicate the integrity and trust the brand prides itself on. 
Philip Kingsley's Director of Ecommerce Jonny Stewart discusses the value in delivering digital buying assistance to their consumers, involving numerous departments to test and refine a digital assistant, and how to achieve 95% engagement rates without sacrificing their brand's reputation. 

In this customer spotlight, learn:

■ What steps the brand took to ensure an engaging and cohesive brand experience with their digital assistant 

■ How Philip Kingsley uses consumer behavior and buying preferences data to fuel product and marketing activities 

■ Why its important to remove barriers to purchase on results page by focusing on product benefits, not features