On-Demand Webinar: Turning stuck-at-home shoppers into purchasers




Conversion has never been more top-of-mind for retailers. With many consumers stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are turning online to shop.

But many consumers are just browsing—not purchasing, and online retailers need to present products that are compelling to those shoppers. Retailers need to guide shoppers to the right product and fast. 

Learn how to convert those online shoppers and searchers into customers in webinar featuring insights from Digital Commerce 360's Managing Editor, April Berthene, Boaz Ariely ,VP of Performance Marketing of IL MAKIAGE, and Sarah Assous, CMO of Zoovu.  They explore the most effective solutions retailers and brand should be leveraged to match a shopper to the right product and results. 

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to understand what shoppers are looking for and provide them with the best-fitting product for their needs
  • Why providing guidance and assistance online is crucial amid the surge of ecommerce usage 
  • What the impact of the pandemic has on consumer shopping behavior